Прошивка avaya / nortel 4500

There are two things You have to know before You start planing an upgrade your ERS 5xxx switches. First You need active service/support contract to download firmware from avaya support portal. Second firmware versions should be upgraded one by one, You cannot apply only last firmware release.

Upgrading firmware have a few steps:

Download proper diagnostic and image files from http://support.avaya.com
For the purposes of this post, lets asume that we will upgrading diagnostic image to version and firmware image to
Start tftp server, that will host image files for upgradeing device
And again, for this example, lets asume that tftp server will be listning on ip, and switch ip will be
Place diagnostic image (*.bin) and firware image (*.img) in the tftp servers root directory.
Start Nortel/Avaya ERS device, and configure switch ip address

ERS5520#configure terminal
ERS5520(conf)# ip address switch default-gateway
ERS5520(conf)# exit
ERS5520# show ip address switch
Configured In Use Last BootP/DHCP
————— ————— ———————
Switch IP Address:
Switch Subnet Mask:
Host is reachable

Upgradeing diagnostic image

ERS5520#download address diag 5xxx_60015_diags.bin
Downloading Diag Image [/]
Saving Diag Image [\]
Finished Upgrading Diag Image

Switch should reboot automatically.
Upgrading firmware image

ERS5520#download address image 5xxx_624011s.img
Downloading Image [\]
Saving Image [/]
Finished Upgrading Image

Switch should reboot again automatically.

After that steps You can log into the CLI of Your ERS device and check version of diagnostic image and firmware image:

ERS5520#show sys-info
sysDescr: Ethernet Routing Switch 5520-24T-PWR
HW:33 FW: SW:v6.2.4.011

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