Xenserver 6.5 nfs4 client default

1. Изменить дефолтную версию клиента по-умолчанию в файле /opt/xensource/sm/nfs.py на 4

Very simply, edit the file /opt/xensource/sm/nfs.py and change line 46 to use ‘4’ instead of ‘3’ :


and reboot.

NFS mounts for SRs that support NFSv4 now all seem to come up using this (as seen in /etc/mtab). Manual entries in /etc/fstab can also be adjusted to specify nfs4 in the definition (such as for defining NFS export locations for backups and such), but the «tcp» option must be removed from the options list since it is for NFSv4 both the default and no longer supported as an option (I believe you can request udp as a specific alternative).

2. Рестарт серверов Xen.
3. Проверить маунтится ли клиент в локальную папку.
4. Если выдает ошибку mount: can’t get address for , то прописать в /etc/hosts все ip адреса серверов, например: srv-xen1 srv-xen1.example.com
5. Пробовать подключать nfs в pool серверов Xen. Например:

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